Meat-lover's Dream: The Cannibal, NY

In retrospect, this is probably one of the best meals I've had all summer, second only to the unforgettable sushi lunch at Morimoto during #NYCRestaurantWeek.  We headed to this spot to celebrate the last day of my (stupendously awesome) summer internship @ Chicory , a young and fun food+tech startup that focuses on making online recipes shoppable. As I was on a strictly no-carb diet to gain back the slim body I never had, my marketing manager suggested going for a fancy lunch at this meat-loving restaurant on 29th St. (Thank you, Hillary. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!)


The Cannibal, as its name suggests, focused mainly on transferring different protein into mouth-watering dishes that we cannot wait to dive headfirst into. There is an insane price gap between the least and most expensive dishes, with the dry-aged rib eye costing more than 100 bucks per serving. I don't know how good this rib-eye can be, but there's not a cat in hell's chance of me trading it for 20 delicious popsicles at Popbar. 



I opted for what seemed-like-it-had-the-least-amount-of-carbs on the menu: Pig head & Maitake Terrine with Pickled Celery ($11). & my co-intern flipped out when she thought I was ordering the General Tso' Pig Head that sets us back a good $85 :) As good as it may sound, my past experience with General Tso' Chicken at Chinese takeouts left a mental scar that was to be felt for life. I swear my Chinese friend would kill me if I ever call sauteed broccoli or General Tso' Chicken authentic Chinese food...


Pig Head Terrine with Maitake and Pickled Celery ($11)


The terrine itself was pretty decent, with chunks of pork fat and pig head creating a nice, soft, and bouncy texture. The sweet and sour pickled celery really helps cut through the fattiness of the pork, ensuring a mouthful of different flavor explosions. I wish there'd been some ground pepper though, since that would have made this dish perfect.

The Cannibal, without a doubt, knows how to make good pates and terrines. Hillary loved her Chicken Liver Paté, and Joey's Pate Grand Mere with Blueberry Mustarda was soooo good I wish I could eat carbs (yes, blueberries have sugar, hence carbs *sob sob*).

Chicken Liver Pate with Spring Onion and Black Pepper Jam ($11)
accompanied by three slices of toasted bread

Pate Grand Mere with Blueberry Mustarda ($11)


I know Pate is traditionally made from ground meat, fat, and cattle's organs, but what the hell is Pate Grand Mere? There was not a wikipedia entry for the origin of this dish, but some basic google translation gave me "Grandma's Pate" as a consolation prize. More reading will have to be done when I finally get my hands on a good Pate making book. As long as it's not in French...

Taste-wise, the Pate Grand Mere had not a single flaw to it. Unlike the pig head terrine where I felt I would have appreciated a touch of pepper, this dish is perfect to the T. Despite my initial reservation for the sweet + fat combination, the fattiness of the Pate works splendidly well with the slightly sweet and sticky blueberry paste. Google didn't give me any results for "mustarda", but "mostarda" could have been what the restaurant were really thinking of. It's basically a compote, where candied fruits are mixed with a mustard-flavored syrup (probably giving it the name "mostarda"?).

Steak Tartare with Bearnaise and Crumpet ($16)
Didn't get a chance to taste this but it sure looks amazing. Bearnaise is a fancier variation of Hollandaise sauce, where white wine vinegar is used in place of lemon juice.


Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Slow Cooked Egg  & Country Ham XO ($8)
This dish is simply to-die-for

Cannibal Dogs ($15) = "Tiger Style" Hot Dogs with Spicy Tripe Chili, Scallion, Crispy Fried Shallots and Chinese Mustard (whatever that means lol)
The restaurant was also offered us a free House Jerky and Pork Rind platter since Amanda and Gary's Grilled Cheese was taking *forever*

Grilled Cheese with Bacon, Cheddar and Gruyere ($12)


I couldn't snap a decent photo of this Grilled Cheese since Amanda was too busy attacking it and the Half-hearted Vegetarian Gary diligently picking out the bacon from his = _ = " ( no offense, Gary!) They both swore it was the best Grilled Cheese they've ever had, so I guess it was on par with our other amazing dishes.
All in all, I and the gang left Cannibal with the best meat-lover dream (ok, exp for Gary lol)

The Cannibal
113 E 29th St
Midtown East, Flatiron