Game of Thrones Inspired Fondant Cake: Assembly.

Okay, this will be a massively wordy post since I didn't get the chance to take many pictures during the making of the cake. If you follow my Instagram (@pickypigatuni), you will probably have seen this. 

 Source: @pickypigatuni 

Source: @pickypigatuni 

So this was my attempt at making yet another Game of Thrones inspired cake. Yes I have made others before. See below.

That was a prototype I made for a previous Baking Society event. Hence the strange/choppy arrangement of plaits. In any case, I ended up with a whole lot of fondant from said event, and decided I would get one of my friends to come round and make yet another Game of Thrones cake with me to celebrate the end of lectures and the new season premiere of Game of Thrones.

The throne on the prototype cake is a lot more detailed than the one we made for the cake, but it did take 9+ hours to assemble that alone compared with the 6+ it took for us to bake all of the cake tiers, decorate the cake, making the throne AND somehow cooking dinner because much as we'd like to, we can't live on sugar. 

This is where a disclaimer may be appropriate, I think. Daisy, the friend I dragged into this sugary, baking madness is the one who made most of the cake (and dinner). My participation consists of finding the recipe(s) + design, some parts in modelling the fondant, and mostly clean up duties. :D 

It experience not being active in the baking process. But just being involved in the assembly is massively fun as well. So without further ado, here is how we assembled our Game of Thrones inspired fondant cake. 

 Here's another photo for good measure

Here's another photo for good measure

As you can see, the cake has two separate tiers. the top bit is actually a vegan lemon cake I found on Pinterest, from a miss Sofia Von Porat. For the base tier I adapted Buttered Side Up's Lemon Cake with Lemon Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting. An incredible amount of lemon zest went into these cakes, but both of them lacked a strong lemony zing. But it was probably my fault because I didn't have any lemon extract on hand. Either way, I compensated for this by brushing both cakes with a Lemon-Brandy syrup to help keep them moist and add more lemony flavour. It didn't work very well, sadly, I would 100% recommend more lemon zest than what both of these recipes called for.

For the throne, I followed The Icing Artist's Youtube tutorial here. I also draw inspiration from this Pinterest photo.

 Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Sadly, I couldn't find the tutorial for this cake, so I attempted to recreate the dragon scales pattern you see above. It didn't turn out very well in comparison with the original. I basically stacked square-ish bits of fondant on top of each other, which appears to be what they did, it didn't turned out the way is should. Maybe the squares need to be thinner. 

Anyway, when that's over and done with I sprayed the bottom tier with some shimmer spray and left the top tier its original matte grey colour. I also made a braid out of the white fondant I had left, covered it with some shimmer spray and attached it around the second tier to hide the horrible fondant job I did on that one. But you can probably still tell from the cracks that by that point the fondant was pretty dried out and not ideal for covering cakes. :/

So yeah, that was an account of how two amateur home bakers went about their Sunday. We had a lot of fun making this. Fondant is definitely not my favourite thing to work with. It is superficially pretty (if you do it right) but absolutely gross to eat (sugar bits with corn syrup, yum). The taste always comes first, for me, closely followed by look. But I have matured a lot from my younger days, (19 is basically the menopause of teenager-dom), I realise now that baking is not just about finding you perfect and disapprove of everyone else's. It more of understanding people's taste and combining their ideals with my own. In this case I was happy to finally have an opportunity to make a vegan-friendly cake, play around with fondant (and failing :D ), and in turn introduced people to Swiss Buttercream Frosting (aka one buttercream recipe to rule them all) and my own way of making a layer cake. (Because apparently it's not a thing to bake a whole cake and cut out the layers?)

I don't know what about you but I felt like this was a day well spent. :) Many thanks to the amazing bakers and fondant artists that helped make this cake happen. And since I don't actually watch or read Game of Thrones, I hope you guys enjoyed the new season premiere and don't you dare comment spoilers on this post because I have so much to catch up on. 

As always, questions/advice are welcomed. Happy baking! :)