Ippudo Ramen NYC Review

On my wild food chase in NYC this winter, we headed to Ippudo ramen. I and a few friends intially set out for Chuko ramen in Brooklyn, only to find it tragically closed for Christmas break. Instead of giving up and hitting a random bakery along the way for a quick breakfast (which is totally what we did), I looked to Yelp for another ramen place ’cause this girl is in her ramen fix. Thanks to the power of the internet (and a pain au chocolat), yours truly found her way to another famous noodle bar in New York: Ippudo.

I should have expected nothing less on holidays as the restaurant was holy PACKED ! We were super lucky to get a table in just 10 minutes, thanks to the big head count (I swore the couple waiting in line gave us very mean looks). I guess it’s better to travel in big groups then?

The wall was decorated with all kinds of ramen bowl. Isn’t that great?
I was tempted to count all of them during the wait lol

Finally got our seats ! The menu wasn’t as big as I expected.
Prices are reasonable for ramen I think, that is, before you include all those taxes and tips *rolls eyes* What can I say? I've never come across "cheap" ramen in the States...

My friend opted for the Tonkotsu ramen, which is basically ramen in a pork bone based soup.
You may have noticed that it’s missing the famous soft-centered egg. Yes, she was trying to keep the cost low.

I, on the other hand, went for the tempting Karaka men ( spicy tonkotsu noodles ) with soft-boiled shoyu EGG (brilliant choice, I say). The marginal utility derived from having an extra egg in my ramen outweighs the marginal cost, thus my decision to order that shoyu tamago is beautifully backed by science (yes, Econ is a science). Feel free to follow my lead, ramen fans!

For an addition 3$ you can get a rice bowl and side salads. The rice is average, but it’s a good option if you have kids around who wouldn't stop begging for add-on items. 

I tasted all the noodles we ordered, but my favorite has to be this Wasabi Ramen. The taste is pungent yet delicate, and I actually appreciate the tempura bits a lot more than I thought ! They also seem to have a different kind of noodle for this soup, one that's a bit more wavy and chewier in texture. 

This is my first time having ramen in the States and third time having ramen anywhere. Ippudo surely deserves its spot in front league of ramen in New York. The ramen was chewy and delicate, while the broth is packed with flavor. Perhaps the only thing I dislike about Ippudo is the line outside its door, which again confirms that this is one of best ramen place in town.


Ippudo Ramen

  • 65 4th Ave
    New York, NY 10003